Date:December 04, 2012

UberSocial For Twitter Mobile App

UberSocial is a powerful yet simple Twitter client that brings fun and functionality to your Twitter experience. It provides advanced features such as the UberBar (a movable, hide-able menu) and UberTabs (thumb controls to quickly compose a Tweet or view new messages). Millions have downloaded UberSocial from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Building On Popularity

With the success of the iPhone and Android versions, an initiative was made to redesign both with new features and enhancements. As part of a small team of designers and developers, I was given the opportunity to rethink these established apps.

    Project responsibilities:

  • UI design for Android and iOS
  • Graphics creation and slicing for all screen resolutions
  • Production art for BlackBerry version
  • Promotional graphics for online stores, ads, and social media

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